Jason Benoit, VP of Cartodyne’s Emergency Services, Teams with Krinkle Debris Tracker®, to Protect FEMA Reimbursement for Louisiana

Jason Benoit, a Louisiana native, has 20+ years of experience in helping Louisiana Parishes and Jurisdictions from his work in Louisiana government to the private sector. Now, as the Senior VP of Cartodyne’s Emergency Services Division, Jason’s success for his clients in Louisiana through the years continues, even into this 2020 storm season. Cartodyne’s Debris Monitoring Division of Emergency Services is actively helping communities right now, from the recent devastation of Hurricane Laura. A summary of his credentials can be found in the PDF linked below, and his full resume is available on request.

3D GIS Digital Twin – How Cities Make Sure That New Building Doesn’t Cast a Long Shadow

Historically, planners and designers used wooden model replicas of city areas for planning. The city of Boston recently took a more modern approach to determine if a new building design would affect the nation’s oldest city park, Boston Common, with shadows. Brooks Patrick, account executive and 3D GIS Business Development Lead at Esri discusses the approach in his recent article on the Esri blog.

Boston Common 3D GIS Map

Click on the animated image above to open the scene in your web browser. Left-click moves, Right-click rotates, and mouse wheel zooms.

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How Far Can You Walk in 20 Minutes?

Have you ever wondered how far you can walk in 20 minutes or even an hour from your home or office? Molly Zurn, documentation product engineer with Esri on the ArcGIS Online team, decided to find out to assist with planning walks with her niece.

Walk-Time Map depicting 10, 15, and 20 minute walking times.


The steps provided on the ArcGIS Blog post require an ArcGIS Online account with publisher privileges, but they are pretty straight forward. The results are instantaneous and provide just the information she needed.

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The Great American Eclipse Story Map

For the first time since 1776, a total solar eclipse will be visible to hundreds of millions of Americans on August 21. The folks at GreatAmericanEclipse.com are updating relevant viewing information regularly providing animated fly-over videos, weather and cloud cover data, and much more. Take a look at their Story Map for more information:

Click here and scroll down for more information in this story map on the total eclipse August 21

Click here to see flyover animation of the eclipse path across the United States.

Click here to see more about Story Maps from Esri with viewable examples.



Seeing Underground Infrastructure using Augmented Reality

Using a state of the art mixed reality holographic application, Toms River Municipal Utilities Authority (TRMUA) blazes a path for other industries to adopt Augmented Reality.

Augmented Reality Aids New Jersey Water Utility

“The combination of GIS and augmented reality can address a lot of interesting business cases across industries,” says Cindy Elliott, head of commerical industry marketing for Esri. “The technology is certainly powerful in outdoor settings like Toms River, but GIS and AR can also create efficiencies in warehousing, real estate, retail planning, and manufacturing.” Read more on this story from Bill Meehan in the Esri newsroom.

Visit the International Space Station in Google Street View

With legwork from the station’s crew, Google has added Street View images inside the International Space Station. A recent post on the Google blog details the efforts collaborating with NASA team at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas as well as the Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama.

Google Street View aboard the ISS

Click here to launch Google Street View aboard the International Space Station.


Drones are coming to squeeze more savings from oil patch

Oil majors including Statoil, Shell and Chevron are experimenting with various technologies, from drones and drill design to data management, to drive down costs and weather a deep downturn.

GE’s methane sniffing drone

At the opening of GE’s new oil and gas R&D center in Oklahoma, the multi-business company has also presented its new methane-sniffing helicopter drone called “Raven.” GE started working on the project last year, and it proved that the 20-pound machine can indeed do what it was created for during a test run in July: Raven successfully found gas leaking from a couple of oil wells in Arkansas.

Fuelfix article

Engadget article

Satellite Map

This Esri satellite map was built using the JavaScript API for ArcGIS the latest version of which allows you to build full-featured 3D applications powered by web scenes that can include rich information layers such as terrain, basemaps, imagery, features, and 3D objects. Ask us how we can empower your business, organization, or non-profit with spatial visualization.

This image and link below depicts the location of approximately 1,250 Low Earth Orbit, Medium Earth Orbit, and geosynchronous orbit satellites. If you click on one of them it will show you its orbit as well as its 24-hour trajectory shadow.

Satellite Map by Richie Carmichael, Esri

All satellite data provided by Space-Track.org, an organization that promotes space flight safety, protection of the space environment and the peaceful use of space worldwide by sharing space situational awareness services and information with U.S. and international satellite owners/operators, academia and other entities.

2016 Summer Olympic Games – Story Map by Esri

Esri has built a Story Map for venues in the 2016 Summer Olympic Games. Esri Story Maps let you combine authoritative maps with narrative text, images, and multimedia content. They make it easy to harness the power of maps and geography to tell your story.

Click the image below to launch the story map!

A story map of 2016 Summer Olympic Games. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Click here for more award winning Story Maps.